Insecurities, appearance...race...personality...

2021.09.19 19:46 ciphergary Insecurities, appearance...race...personality...

Hey I'm sorry, this post is gonna start off as a rant... im only here cuz im not sure im comfortable asking anyone for advice. Im lebanese living in Netherlands (moved a year ago). I'm usually the funny guy, charming, aggressively friendly, trying to always make sure everyone is ok, i roast myself, i roast my friends, we re all super supportive blah bla blah, and i have no problem meeting new people, nothing can break me... or so i thought
For the weekend, i went to germany to visit my friend in dusseldorf, barely anyone spoke english and the ones who did found me super annoying and ugly :we went to a gay club, i was super excited cuz finally clubbing after 2 years, ive had my vaccine and i was ready to flirt. I love flirting, but not necesdarily having sex, anyway, i literally had someone say to me, "ewwww" or "sorry i prefer white guys" and stuff like that... i mean cant u just be friendly?
I went to the bathroom and had a full mental breakdown, not even my friend was there for me cuz of course he was having a fight with his bf. I thought i had such high self esteem and confidence, i pegged myself as the lynette of desperate housewives or the wilhelmina slater of ugly betty (but positive and nice). And apparently im just none white ugly uninteresting trash? It broke me... being abused all night like that
Ive never experienced hard core racism or been hatecrimed... idk i just am super nice and people are nice back, i feel dirty and disgusting, why... im speaking to my therapist soon, but i just dunno, i never felt like i had to work on my self esteem... u know? I was in the train today like, i should get a bigger chest i should join a gym, i should be funnier, i should learn more languages... but like why am i having the need to impress people, i dont want to want that.
I was stable high self esteem, i didnt know it was breakable, i dont wanna feel disgusting anymore
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2021.09.19 19:46 LeapsAreDaWhey xxx

Good Fucking Afternoon IRNTards. The ones remaining in this play are TRULY TRULY special. Not just 1 extra chromosome, we're talking 2 minimum. Mfw y'all held Friday near close even at $29.15.
In order to move forward from here, we need to accept that we took a fat L. StonkGod has clearly bet on the opposite direction, dismantling his own thesis Thursday AH BEFORE even letting hype on Friday take this to the moon. Round 1 was lost. We should have sold at $60 if we had the chance, maybe even $45 to secure profits. That was yesterday an immutable past. We now look to the future. It's time to roll up a George Washington (we don't have benji's right now sorry) and take a giant hit of that SWEET SWEET hopium..
What is the play now? It's really simple actually. The SHORT SQUEEZE play is very much alive. Per CNBC and Bloomberg the SI% is 58%+. We saw NO INCREASE IN SHARES available to short at ANY of the brokers. Borrow fee remains at 544%. The float is still 1.3M.
While the gamma play didn't go 100% as expected, it actually still went insanely well. If you bought Monday and held all the way to close Friday you are up a WHOPPING 46%.
One month chart looks fucking good to me. What about you?
Here's the beautiful part though. There are some new elements this coming week that weren't present last week. IRNT is on the threshold list and FTD forced settlement occurs Wednesday 9/27. Look at the last 5 days of trading in August.
Interesting... MASSIVE upwards trend in FTD's based on paltry volume we are talking 3M vs 60M peak this week... On top of all this we have a massive swing in Net Deltas about +400k to -400k. For the smooth-brains out there, what is total net delta? There are many ways to calculate it but basically it is a measure of the AGGREGATE LONG AND SHORT POSITION taken by option traders. AKA Discord Pumpers were massively long IRNT pumping it and have now flipped side.
These are orders of magnitude similar to Apple, a 2.4T company with 1.6B shares outstanding. IRNT is 2.5B company with 1.3M float.... Should this make us all horny beyond belief? I am fully erect to the point of pain. If I didn't have severe autism and ⚙️⚙️⚙️ Nuts, I would have easily busted my load by now. I thank the stars for that.
Ok so what are the risks? Short-term there is some risk. We need a lot of faith on IRNTards to continue being really fucking stupid. Now given that they're still here and didn't sell at $60, we looking pretty good LMAO. What is left the absolute lowest common denominator.
The other risk is extreme FUD. It's going to get nasty tonight and tomorrow PM especially. They really really need to keep the downward momentum going. A sudden reversal is going to get really nasty for them. The more violent the trend, the more violent the reversal. They want to avoid this at all costs.
What that means is that if we continue being fucking dumbasses and HODL, even a little bit of volume will lead to a powerful reversal. Unwinding of net deltas will lead to EVEN more reversal of sentiment, upward movement, and FOMO. That is the setup Monday - Tuesday we are aiming for going into Wacky FTD Wednesday.
Long-term honestly, there is very little risk. Who founded and is Co-CEO of IRNT? A man that most definitely fucks? Yes. Big Dick Alexander is a decorated 4-star general that was NSA Chief, head of US Cyber Command. DEEP fucking ties to Washington. He has an MBA from BU, Masters of Science in Physics, Masters of Science in Electronic Warfare Systems Technology, and a Masters of Science in National Security Strategy. If you're bored and need someone to simp check out his wiki.
It's a rapidly growing company with ARR that the company still expects to meet of about $75M. Based upon good comps like $CRWD a conservative price to sales takes us to $50+ valuations. This is small company that's going to be a household name.
This is too many words, I was too stupid to sell at $60 what are PT's now? Monday and Tuesday are very key days setting up for Wacky Wednesday. Because the math is overwhelmingly in our favor, we actually don't need THAT much volume. Ofc volume is great but if we can merely HODL enough to prove our conviction a price target hit of $31-$33 is a major victory.
This beautiful company, for better or for worse, has become purely narrative driven. This means a steady price is more important than ever to destroy the FUD thesis that this is a falling knife. However, once they are discredited, even a little re-FOMO will create an upwards spiral due to the net delta situation cited above.
Then on Tuesday, the next big hurdle I estimate to be around 10% to $36-$40. If we can hit those, then Wednesday will be primed for a massive lift-off and I could easily see getting ahead of the previous intra-day ATH's of $45 into $50+. Projecting from here on out is very difficult. If things go very well, it's even possible net deltas shift super positive and a mini-gamma becomes on the menu yet again. I will watch the numbers closely and post updates. In that case I will hold till Friday at a minimum. As I alluded to above the most important thing is we block the FUD and noise. Do not engage the trolls, there will be many of them. Try our best to at least reclaim some of the narrative by calmly spreading good vibes, positivity, and fact-based hopium.
So buckle up IRNTards. This isn't financial advice but I see massive tendies coming for the idiots left.
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2021.09.19 19:46 Intelligent-Luck3514 My last tradeables, hmu if u want to trade

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2021.09.19 19:46 rappenem Some pixel chess pieces

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2021.09.19 19:46 JavaleONeal free to use soulful boombap type beat "priceless poverty" i post all the time on my channel so if you like what you hear stay tuned for more!

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2021.09.19 19:46 MeraxesBC 20M I’d like to get a good friend!

Hello everyone, please I’m looking for someone who’s willing to make an effort, so we could have a close friendship. If my post interest you, feel free to message me. I’d love to find something long-term. Please when you message me, add your age and gender. Now I’ll specify some facts about me you might like:
1 - I like to read a lot, books like ASOIAF aka Game of Thrones, which I’d love to find someone to talk about it. The picture of Dorian Gray, or The Exorcist 😱. And Narnia, that was a good book series.
2 - I love voice calling, please make sure we could build up to it. I can also help you with the other languages I speak.
3 - I like music a lot, my favorite genres are classical music, classic rocks and pop.
4 - Watching shows and movies is great, more when you have someone to watch one with, so please if you’re down let’s do it.
5 - I like playing some video games like Fortnite on ps4 and Minecraft, EU4 and CK2 on pc, for anyone interested.
6 - I don’t have many friends, but I’m positive, and I’m here to change that.
If you got this far, I thank you, and please send me a message. Anyone is welcome. Have a good day or night.
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2021.09.19 19:46 Igotalotofquestions9 Trying to see something here. When you need to puke, do you lift the toilet seat or keep it down? Are you a male or female?

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2021.09.19 19:46 awkwardpause101 GFCI outlet help

Apologies for the newbie question, but I recently installed a GFCI outlet and am having some issues:
We had an old two-prong outlet that we wanted to upgrade to three prongs. It's not grounded, but from what I gathered I can install a GFCI outlet anyway as long as I put a sticker on to say that it's not grounded.
When I took the old outlet out, I noticed it had the regular wires coming in, but then also another set of wires on the lower connectors. OK, I'll just wire the GFCI the same way, I thought. I did, but now whenever I turn the light on in that room, the GFCI trips. I imagine the second set of wires somehow are related to the light (seems to be on a different circuit -- the light was on as I took the old outlet out, though the circuit the outlet was on was off -- and light turned off when I disconnected the lower wires).
The GFCI outlet works fine, now (green light and all), as long as we don't turn the light on -- what gives? Do I just directly connect the wires related to the light somehow behind the GFCI (so they don't flow through the outlet)?
I hope this makes sense. I've added a photo of the old outlet as I was taking it out -- the second set of wires were connected at at the bottom/lower end.
On the photo: One side had to black wires, the other a white and a brown -- the white was at the top.
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2021.09.19 19:46 squishyjustice Can you apply for an open work permit in this case?

I've been working in Canada since January 2021 on a temporary work permit (closed). At the same time, my Express Entry application has been in processing since October 2020 (I received my AOR then).
Is there an option to quit the current job and apply for an open work permit now? My current employer is not abusing me. I simply don't want to work here anymore because of some personal reasons. I'm aware that I can apply for an open work permit 4 months before my current WP expired, but that'll be too long. The current WP expired in Jan 2023.
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2021.09.19 19:46 GameHacks1 Warzone softaim pack. Undetectable comes with spoofer and cleaner.£10

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2021.09.19 19:46 xllemonfleshlight can i vent to someone abt reddit acting weird pls

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2021.09.19 19:46 irishmitch23 Lemon Dosidos from Columbia care pressed in a 37u bag at 170° for 3mins with a 45sec warmup 18% yield off an 8th due to rushing myself and poorly packing the bag, that's what's left after 3days of smoking on this ridiculously terpy rosin

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2021.09.19 19:46 rappenem Some pixel chess pieces

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2021.09.19 19:46 wetshaftexcavator Yo-Yo is superior to all classes because I can actually kill people with it in real life.

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2021.09.19 19:46 sturgilltix Free Charlotte Outlaw Fest ticket for tonight at 5 ft. Willie Nelson and Sturgill Simpson.

Ticket is a a g.a lawn ticket. I can't go so let me know!!!!!
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2021.09.19 19:46 HamishWarne FC Porto 1-0 Moreirense - Mehdi Taremi penalty 34'

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2021.09.19 19:46 Frnklfrwsr Do you pronounce Teal’c as one syllable or two?

Through the show I keep seeing people switch back and forth between pronouncing Teal’c with two syllables (TEE-ulk) or one syllable (Tilk).
For two syllables that’s how I usually hear the rest of SG1 call him, but Hammond and Bratac seem to usually use one syllable. When Teal’c himself says his name he somehow seems to bridge the cap and it feels almost like 1.5 syllables. I don’t know.
Has this been addressed? I feel like I’m going crazy.
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