Heal Your Life with the Power of Energy Healing Master Class

2021.10.16 20:41 YDCtvenergyhealer Heal Your Life with the Power of Energy Healing Master Class

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2021.10.16 20:41 tutterchan Take 0 a day to extend your [life] span!

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2021.10.16 20:41 l0stindoubt [WTS] Mbus2, MOE SL grip/stock, Mlok rail covers, B5 Systems hand guard, M&P 15-22 mags (PA)

Selling some stuff that's just been sitting around for a while. PayPal G&S only. All prices include shipping and fees. Thanks.
B5 Systems hand guard, includes 4 BCM rails and 3 type-2 rail covers unbranded, black - $30

Magpul Mbus 2 front and rear sights, gray - $55 for both
MOE SL stock - mil-spec, gray - $40
MOE SL grip, gray - $10
(12) Magpul Mlok Type-2 rail covers, gray - $15
Magpul - Take the entire Magpul lot for $100

(3) Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 magazines, 25rd, (2) black (1) fde - $25 each
15-22 mags
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2021.10.16 20:41 CandidCockroach9529 [XB1][28/32]MADDEN 22 Current Gen league

We are in week 5 Season 1. We have some teams available if it is full when you join I can either kick an inactive person for you or we can put you on the waitlist. We just started We are not playing for money or anything like that. We are a comp league with pretty fair rules. We are looking for players we are dedicated to leagues and won’t just leave if they get destroyed, or there opponent isn’t scheduling with them. We have a bunch of teams open for you to choose from. We are a good league that will be going for a lot of seasons. We have very high skilled competition. Teams open: falcons, raiders, bengals, saints.here is the link to join: https://discord.gg/nJaNmvSX
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2021.10.16 20:41 I_snot_the_sheriff Is there a Flare mount for the lower attachment point on current Madone?

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2021.10.16 20:41 dothething132 picking out a Shark Vac

So i have a gray shark. i got a couple years ago. i like it a lot. light weight. great suction. does best with carpets. i think it scatters things on hard floors. so i am looking to get a duoclean shark that lasts a long time. around 10 yrs. so theres this apex one. that amazon just said to me is up for a decent sale price. it has the power lift away so you can vac under things. anyways is this a good one? costco has 2 models that are duoclean for 229 or 269, but neither does the power lift away.
gray shark
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2021.10.16 20:41 kraftysheep Can You Bleach (virgin black to blonde) and Dye In Same Day

I'm 30F, have virgin black hair, lots of split ends, but will cut off like a 1 ft of my hair, and asked a salon this question. They do a lot of bright hair dye jobs, (like bright rainbow colors, not natural tones) and are known for that.

In a phone consultation, they said there's no problem with that. Their site lists their Dye service as "Veggie/Vivid/Fashion Color". I heard online you can do this all in one day if it's "vegetable dye".

But when I asked the consultant why it's called "veggie", they said the name has nothing to do with the dye being "vegan". I am now unsure if it's the vegetable dye the internet speaks of.

I looked online and there are varying opinions on my question in this post title.

Can someone clear this up for me?
Thanks so much!
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2021.10.16 20:41 5u_Colon0 Ex challenger looking to help people to get better for free!

I used to be challenger in KR and LATAM servers way back in seasons 3-8, took a long break and just came back earlier this year.
I’ve replied to a post here once earlier this year and met a nice guy who genuinely wanted to improve and I was like “why the hell not” and replied to him and talked to him. After almost a year of talking, helping him improve, he’s improved from D2 to GM! (I would link op gg but I won’t since I don’t have his permission but if you’re seeing this Paul, feel free to link it in the comments!)
The reason I’m posting this is because I’d like to help someone else too. By doing this not only I helped someone out, I also made a great friend along the way, and I want to do this with someone else too.
Preferably you are already familiar with most of the fundamentals but don’t worry too much if not.
Shoot me a message! See ya soon!
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2021.10.16 20:41 Psychological-Yard44 i think the leak video is from old build

I mean, it's graphic worse than the gameplay trailer. Fromsoft's official game is always better than the gameplay trailer (except for dark souls 2)
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2021.10.16 20:41 mu_kannika SAT Math Question: why is b) the correct answer and not a)?

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2021.10.16 20:41 brownu95 I’m stuck in my car with the alarm not turning off and my car not Starting right

So I slept on my car and when I woke up I somehow triggered the alarm. Right now I’m stuck. When I open the door the alarm will go off. I do not have a remote into a key. When I try to drive off the car doesn’t feel right and will go in reverse even if it’s in drive. I’m stuck in the parking lot rn. My car is an 2013 Elantra get. Any solution?
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2021.10.16 20:41 ShitFlug Can’t seem to get PC/Xbox party chat to work?

Hello! I’m new to PC and trying to get this party chat to work. I’m logged in to the Xbox app for windows and I can send/receive party invites. I hear my friends without issue but they can’t hear me. If I unmute my mic they immediately hear themselves in a loud echo. I’ve changed my output/input settings but can’t seem to fix this?
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2021.10.16 20:41 triple2ruga Giratina raid adding 10 be online 9657 2054 5151

9657 2054 5151
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2021.10.16 20:41 StoreInteresting374 Need help with ID found in Northeast Ohio, some sort of agaricus, abrupted bulbus maybe?

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2021.10.16 20:41 MogrimACV Should I sell my mini NES?

Someone gifted me a mini NES, but I already have a Mini SNES. There dont seem to be any advantages to the mNES over the SNES that I can see, or to having both systems.
Should I sell it, or do you think it will go up in value over time? I have no intrinsic desire to keep it as a collectible. What's the going rate for mNES these days? Should I mod it first or sell it BNIB?
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2021.10.16 20:41 TwisT5185 [EUW] [Plat-Dia] LF Tier 1 Team (top)

IGN: T-Maine
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2021.10.16 20:41 OddShaman Chillin in one of his favorite spots

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2021.10.16 20:41 Level_Grapes Spinach and ricotta ravioli, parmentier potatoes on mixed leaf salad

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2021.10.16 20:41 Tuirwin Shows you wish had won

I enjoyed metamorph as much as the next guy, but Dreams and Nighthawks has grown to be one of my favorite BD shows of the decade. It really sucks that they had to go up against the monster that was SCV and Babylon. Any other examples of shows that you wish could have gotten their due but the timing just didn’t work?
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2021.10.16 20:41 FallenLewdAngel Do you think Dima’s Scarf covers too much of his head?

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2021.10.16 20:41 CrowneeFC Sunil Chhetri vs Nepal | India Nepal 3-0 |SAFF Football Championship 2021 Final

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2021.10.16 20:41 qucci_flipflops After 8 months, I finally brushed my teeth

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2021.10.16 20:41 Dimittrikovk AHAHA look at this loser farming serotonin

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2021.10.16 20:41 Maleficent_Simple710 A quick hour and half today what a season

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2021.10.16 20:41 hahayeahimfinehaha Do fairies work multiple times?

Sorry, stupid question, but I'm very new to the game and can't seem to find an answer through Google. Do fairies just keep doing their thing as long as you have them, or do they 'run out' of healing power after one use?
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