New page for Foreign Matter #2

2021.10.16 19:50 foreignmattercomic New page for Foreign Matter #2

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2021.10.16 19:50 whatsagemini open to absolutely any advice + ratings /10 please?

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2021.10.16 19:50 CarltonPhelps15 I love it

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2021.10.16 19:50 DukeKailey Учитель: У каждого сна есть смысл. Мой сон:

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2021.10.16 19:50 HologramFam Taking vitamin D3 supplement pills on top of regular sun exposure

Hello, so I try my best to get around 10-20 minutes of regular sunlight every day typically all around my body, such as my face, armpits, chest, back and legs. but was curious if supplementing it as well would help in the long-run. I have heard that taking the supplement form is beneficial because most people will never reach optimal levels anyway. I was wondering if taking the supplement and trying my best to get enough from the sun is a good idea. I try to take around 5000IU a day and the vitamin D3 I take is plant-based from lichen.
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2021.10.16 19:50 Ibadah514 Does generic entropy disprove evolution?

Supposedly it has been shown that the rate of negative mutations in our genomes are far outpacing the rate of beneficial ones, that our genes are getting worse with more “mistakes” over time. Does this disprove evolution which would need evidence of beneficial mutations? I’m not at all knowledgeable in biology. Thanks!
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2021.10.16 19:50 MrNewsletter Was letzte nicht

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2021.10.16 19:50 evh21 My niece is in the “That’s Mine” stage. Well I guess I am too! More to come!

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2021.10.16 19:50 AskACapperDOTcom [serious discussion] Why do I feel like the only one excited about Topps© trading cards a.k.a. garbage pail kids, Godzilla and Baseball on the Eth network finally/eventually and why it is a great thing for NFT adoption. Wax = Whacked

To me it just makes sense Garbage Pail Kids, Godzilla and Baseball, classics and now that they've gotten away from the Wax Network they are now using Avalanche.
To a lot of people the term NFT is very confusing and is it makes no sense really… It didn't to me for a while. But as baseball cards they make more sense to me as trading cards. I do understand how the block chain makes their existence possible.
In my humble, American baseball cards Godzilla and Garbage Pail Kids eventually will tickle many nostalgia bones. Is it just me, I would think this would be a red letter day for NFT and crypto currencies?
why does the crypto currency community dislike/ h8 on NFT and the community?
** Do you think that baseball cards will be a big deal for this technology of the block chain A.k.a. NFT adoption and crypto?**
Anyway this is confusing that this doesn't get as much love as I think it should… But then again I'm not very good about looking around the corner.
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2021.10.16 19:50 flexstar30 Pour More Liquor (Elevate)

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2021.10.16 19:50 DivisionaryMusic [FREE] (GUITAR) Juice WRLD Type Beat 2022 - ''ON MY MIND'' | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2022

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2021.10.16 19:50 Flip-In-StocksGang Is BlackBerry Finding A Bottom?

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2021.10.16 19:50 GrimExile Insania appreciation thread!

The guy's a champ! Please get him on the panel for any event that TL doesn't qualify for. Some of my favorite parts:

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2021.10.16 19:50 apolloterpene Dab a day keeps the doctor away

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2021.10.16 19:50 trout_with_clout Games similar to Outlanders

I had to drop my apple arcade subscription for financial reasons and was wondering if there are any other games on IOS similar to Outlanders.
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2021.10.16 19:50 necroskiss I joined the "Great Resignation" wave early last year during COVID and became a freelancer/consultant. I wrote about what I learned within my first months of working for myself. If you are thinking of also dropping out of full time work and wonder what's different, I hope this helps you!

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2021.10.16 19:50 bd251 I need some help with this 1610 City of Jülich 8 Thaler seige coin.

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2021.10.16 19:50 JoshuaTaylorBW Looking for one more for fantasy basketball

Draft is tomorrow, 8 man league on the ESPN app! Please let me know if you're interested
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2021.10.16 19:50 runawayoldgirl That sandwich looks really good, can I have it?

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2021.10.16 19:50 SomeIdiotAnimatorYT welcome back to Jack's 'why me' post (comments)

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2021.10.16 19:50 heinaga1989 🚀 BNBGRV (BNBGravity) FAIRLAUNCH IN 10mins! Rug-proof renounced ownership and locked lp! has auto-price increases, auto-LP, and auto-BNB. Price automatically rises through rebases, BNB automatically airdropped.

🚀 BNBGRV (BNBGravity) has auto-price increases, auto-LP, and auto-BNB rewards! Holders are given free BNB every hour! Price automatically rises through rebases, BNB automatically airdropped to your wallet! Fair launch in 10mins 🚀
Evolving the meme token industry. Combining automatic BNB and price increases!
BNBGRV grants hourly BNB airdrops as price automatically rises all the way to $1000/token.
1 Trillion Tokens
60% Initial Burn
4.99% Marketing Wallet (no marketing tax!)
15% Transaction Tax (10% BNB rewards, 2.5% LP, 2.5% buyback+burn)
BNBRises = BNBGravity's Automatic Price Boosting
The price of BNBGRV is programmed to automatically rise through negative rebasing. Price gradually increases by 13.37% every 8 hours until the price of $1000/token is reached.
BNBFalls = BNBGravity's Automatic BNB Airdrops (10%)
10% of every transaction is taxed and traded for BNB. This BNB is pooled and rewarded to holders hourly. Just hold BNBGravity and BNB falls into your wallet!
Fusion (2.5%)
2.5% of every transaction is traded for extra locked liquidity. Increasing price stability.
Black Hole (2.5%)
2.5% of every transaction is ultimately burned. Increasing the price floor.
No Marketing Tax
There's no need for a marketing tax with BNBGRV. Since the marketing wallet holds a portion of the supply, it automatically receives BNB airdrops too. These BNB airdrops will ideally pay for most, if not all marketing expenses!
Come join our community and be a part of a new token movement!
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2021.10.16 19:50 2HighFlushTookMyID NFL Parlay Experiment, 4th Trial

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2021.10.16 19:50 Pecheneg_Boy Bulgar Tribes in Crimea 7th Century

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2021.10.16 19:50 M1906 Ethics

Hi all,
How do you study and practice ethics? What’s the most effective way to get a great ethics score in the exam?
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2021.10.16 19:50 LoveYou2Much Does anyone know if a cartoon photo of yourself on your profile will be accepted? I know Grubhub does accept it.

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