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2021.10.16 20:31 Maximilian115 The most BAD ass 5th grader!

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2021.10.16 20:31 emilyyik hi! is what do these yellow and brown spots on my Caladium Hilo beauty mean? i may be overwatering her i try to keep the soil moist

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2021.10.16 20:31 SacredBullshit Top of the league after GW8

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2021.10.16 20:31 KushXbeasT hitler enjoying his own chemical in the end

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2021.10.16 20:31 HookersCallMe2Pump Front folding stock latch installation is my least favorite part about building.

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2021.10.16 20:31 bsandman9 Looking to sell a bunch of stuff. If no price just ask.

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2021.10.16 20:31 rb1n T3 mid/jgl main sucht Team

add: Honor Kayn
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2021.10.16 20:31 celosuave What’s the most expensive VeVe nft ever sold?

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2021.10.16 20:31 C-TAY116 I just got my first lightsaber! I love being able to go from a purple blade Jedi to a red blade Sith.

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2021.10.16 20:31 connor25waters Redzone Revamp PS4 League

Redzone Revamp PS4 League
-Rank Rewards -2xf,2ss,2ar given -7 Min Quarters -Comp -Eagles, And Saints Open -24 Hour Sim -Active Commish
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2021.10.16 20:31 sapphicsaffron Teacup Chandelier

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2021.10.16 20:31 Squishplayz Suggets me some Jazz albums! I have recently been getting into jazz due to Frank sintara and Tony Bennett do you guys know any albums I would like?

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2021.10.16 20:31 JavaleONeal "Ankle Slasher" a horrorcore/aggressive gritty boombap type beat [FREE TO USE]

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2021.10.16 20:31 momoknows Excited to bust out the home jersey tonight. LGP!

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2021.10.16 20:31 memesdied yes : )

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2021.10.16 20:31 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy ZB Token (ZB) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.16 20:31 shinegalaxyFG holy shit i found the rare cum case

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2021.10.16 20:31 misana123 ‘Doom Patrol’ Renewed for Season 4 at HBO Max

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2021.10.16 20:31 superradcomics Health Potion (OC)

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2021.10.16 20:31 LettersOnYourScreen How important is the title of "Software Engineer Intern" for a college student?

I'm a Junior. Last summer, I was an IT Intern. I didn't do any coding at all, so I made sure to really land a software engineering internship next summer so I have a strong resume during my senior year.
I just got an offer for an internship next summer from a company I met during my school's career fair. It's an amazing internship. Really good ratings on Glassdoor (higher than the previous company I worked for and I loved my previous company), paid housing, 10-12 weeks, a ~$35 per hour gross salary, and the job listing itself is, essentially, Software Engineering, including Mobile App Development, Data & API Development, etc.
I'm slightly hesitant, though, because a) The title of the internship isn't "Software Engineer Intern," which was my main goal. The official title is a "Technology Intern" and b) They didn't give me a technical interview. They offered me the job after one behavioral interview, which they said really impressed them, so I'm worried this internship won't be as technically heavy as I would like it to be.
How important are the words "Software Engineer Intern" for recruiters and will I have a disadvantage if I don't have one? Does the name of internships matter at all? And how often do quality Computer Science internships hire students without giving them a technical interview? (Granted, this wasn't Google or Amazon. It's a small, relatively unknown, Bank)
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2021.10.16 20:31 moim666 there

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2021.10.16 20:31 Beautiful-Bluebird48 If you could fuse up to 4 magic items together to create a new one, which magic items would you fuse? Then what would the new item do? Additionally you can include non magic things like adamantium as requirements.

Boring example: ring of protection and cloak of displacement = cloak of protection. +2 AC and can nullify 3 non-save attacks per short rest. Can be activated after the attack roll is declared.
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2021.10.16 20:31 captnstoner DnD Gaming Screen I designed

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2021.10.16 20:31 snozeman Full ppr what side wins

View Poll
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