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EPQ survey

2021.12.01 06:33 Cute_Ad1221 EPQ survey

HiiHiHi I was wondering if people could fill in this survey forfor my epq? Thank you if you do :)

It'sIt's about the legalisation of cannabis
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2021.12.01 06:33 mgreene888 Republican Religion vs the Great Commandment

Brethren, if any among you have been led away from the truth, and one brings them back (to Biblical truth), understand, that the one who turns the sinner away from error (deception) shall save a soul from (spiritual) death, and shall cover over many sins (help the deceived return to the path of salvation). Jas 5:19-20
In my last post, I promised to discuss some specific actions and attitudes in the modern American right-wing “evangelical” church that oppose the two great commandments – to "Love GOD and love your neighbor as yourself."
First though, in response to objections from previous commenters, I want to clarify 3 points:

  1. I use the terms “American, right-wing, and political” to describe the people I am addressing. I am talking to people who consider themselves to be Christians but have made an idol of republican politics and Christian Nationalism.
  2. Some of these people can only see someone who points out their unchristian attitudes as a political enemy – not as someone who is judging the corporate Church like the BIBLE commands - not judging towards condemnation, but judging towards helping the sinner receive a pardon by repentance.
  3. The focus is on the right-wing political evangelical church because it is currently the most recognizable public face of American Christianity. Unfortunately, it’s loud remorseless embrace of hateful nativist, dominionist, proto-fascist politics makes many non-believers in this country, and world-wide, see all American Christians as dangerous hypocrites.
Back to the main theme - Let’s examine two very fundamental (pun intended) attitudes in the American right-wing political church that oppose the Great Commandment.
In recent months racism and bearing false witness (lying) have been skillfully employed by right-wing propaganda merchants to create yet another big lie meant to frighten and further enrage petty racists, especially those who subscribe to Christian Nationalism. I am of course, talking about the critical race theory (CRT) strawman that is currently being demonized in the right-wing media cesspool, (i.e., satan’s lie machine).
What is Critical Race Theory? Simply put, it just an academic concept put forth to encourage law students to recognize the fact that racism leads to unequal outcomes in the American legal system.
The creation of the CRT strawman was/is an intentional lie, just like the long-standing conservative efforts to tie any call for human decency (e.g., social justice) to communism/socialism in order to encourage people to believe that the BIBLE commandment to “love your neighbor” actually opposes Christianity! (SMH…)
Conservative pundits are encouraging the belief that “love your neighbor” opposes Christianity
It is bad enough that the conservative media continually promotes lies that encourage anti-black racism, but now nationally known right-wing church figures are adopting these tropes to vilify any truthful examination of American history that exposes its racism. Portraying truth telling as being unchristian and even antichrist is a deception from the pit of hell! Rev 22:14-15This points to a larger trend in the right-wing church - biblical concepts are being weaponized and christian language is being used to verbally demonize anyone seen as a political enemy of the far right. Outrageous (fox news type) lies are being willfully employed not only to slander enemies outside of the church - but also those inside conservative churches who make even the mildest attempts at acknowledging the truth.
Is it any wonder that so many critics characterize American Evangelicalism as being nothing more than a fig leaf for white supremacy?
The demonization of the BLM/CRT strawman is brazen, open racism. American racists are currently refusing to acknowledge or repent of any racism, past or present, by convincing themselves that anti-racism equals anti-white America. The pretense that CRT will somehow be used as “reverse racism” against white people is just a projection of the fear that someday someone might do to American racists what they have done to their victims for 400 years. That is, of course, use history books to shame their children into believing that they are worthless and undeserving of decent treatment. They pretend that learning history will harm White children when Black and Native children are still living racism everyday.
A false definition of CRT was specifically created to be demonized by the right-wing media cesspool (the strawman)
Black-Lives-Matter is, in reality, nothing more than a slogan - one that most Black Americans understand to mean that Law enforcement and the Criminal Justice system in this country should not be allowed to destroy black peoples’ lives on a whim without any legal consequences. (The fact that an organization was built around this slogan does not diminish its underlying truth.)CRT is merely an academic acknowledgement that legal injustice is the long-standing reality in America for Blacks and Natives. (Note that CRT has never been taught in public schools at any level.) The people demonizing these terms – including Christian Nationalists who are going so far as to claim that systemic racism doesn’t even exist - obviously don’t care anything about the truth and care even less about the human rights or aspirations of America’s traditional victims. Rev 21:8
The right-wing media continues to suck the deceived into a cesspit of hate, fear, and delusion - exactly as the BIBLE predicts for the last times. satan - the liar - is your enemy, not other Americans. Come out of Babylon. Jer 51:6 Rev 18:2
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2021.12.01 06:33 AbaddonSF Chipped planchette or post mint damage?

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2021.12.01 06:33 HighOnTheSound 💸Join Webull & get TWO FREE STOCKS!Open an account with Webull and get a Free Stock! Fund it with any amount and get ANOTHER FREE STOCK! Once joined you’ll get Chances for MORE FREE STOCK too! Buy,Sell,Trade Stock & Crypto for FREE! No Fees!

💸Join Webull & get TWO FREE STOCKS!Open an account with Webull and get a Free Stock! Fund it with any amount and get ANOTHER FREE STOCK! Once joined you’ll get Chances for MORE FREE STOCK too! Buy,Sell,Trade Stock & Crypto for FREE! No Fees! submitted by HighOnTheSound to ReferralsNOW [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 06:33 8253803 Requesting r/Overwatch_Porn. No active Human mods, only bots; currently plagued by spam crossposts.

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2021.12.01 06:33 Valkyrie_0624 Help me please

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2021.12.01 06:33 GenesisX10 An Idea on a Morrowind TV series

Having just seen the popularity of Arcane, I had an idea I thought could translate well onto the big screen.
An ALMSIVI focused Show that started with Nerevar's beginnings and fully explored his rise and relations with Vivec, Dagoth, Dumac, etc, with the finale culminating at Red Mountain, and subsequent seasons following up with the rule of the Tribunal and the entire series ending when the Nerevarine shows up to Vivec's doorstep. It'd have to be fully animated of course, but I really think that with a big budget it could be pulled off really well.
It could kickstart start a bunch of short series about Tamriel, there's a crazy amount of content there.
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2021.12.01 06:33 Wolf-Go-Brrr My parents are Anti-Vaccine, how do I get them to understand

The Vaccine is heathy, and in our best intentions?
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2021.12.01 06:33 groznikus Superior Archon plate for trade - LF Vex+

603 defense Sup Archon plate, needs sockets quest. Perfect Fortitude base
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2021.12.01 06:33 KingGmeNorway BUY directly at CS in batches

Instead of trying to make transfers that take ages or might not even get trough, just sell your shares in the shittiest of brokers and use the money to buy directly at CS.
The narrative of buying and hodling should be perfectly fine, but thats in a perfect world where everything works how it should. If you have shares in fidelity, sure just transfer since they do it relatively quickly. However, just fucking sell from your shitty brokers shares and buy them back directly in CS and get the real thing you actually can shove up your ass.
Not financial advice.
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2021.12.01 06:33 jobsinanywhere Caffeine improves reaction to moving targets

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2021.12.01 06:33 blingxpinkmr 💲 You have to spend your crypto somehow !!💲| $TRENDY | New Token for E-Commerce TrendyStore | The token you can spend on luxury products | Redistribution, BuyBack and Anti-Bot system.

💎 We introduce You TRENDY, the token you can use to buy original and certified bags and accessories, without having to convert the tokens into FIAT currency. All sent to your home or to any place you wish, completely anonymously.
🛍️ We launched the beta of the store on 1st November, and gradually more and more brands and more luxury products will be added, such as clothing, jewelry and watches from the best brands.
🙏 The team is based and available to answer all your doubts or questions in a transparent way, without being labeled as a fudder or banning you!
🌍 Visit the website
📱 Join us on Telegram
🛍️TrendyStore Open Beta
⚡️ Redistribution: 2%
📈 BuyBack: 6%
🤝 Marketing: 3%
All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.
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2021.12.01 06:33 Plankton_Etn Christmas

Hello and good morning and Happy xmas, its december the 1st !! So because it’s nearly xmas I’ve decided to add some Christmas cheer by adding a Christmas theme to the official ETN-Network Community complete with Santa hats !! simply select from the hamburger menu.
This theme works on mobile and desktop
And for reddit an Xmas banner.
Have a good one
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2021.12.01 06:33 MozekG Finally bought myself a decent PC after being with GeforceNow since beta. I had different experiences with this service, but I know one thing for sure - I would've never been able to play all these games on my 10 years old PC without GFN, here are some of them. List of games shown is in comments.

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2021.12.01 06:33 amarantkando Not KenM on the price of a $14k custom ordered set of stairs

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2021.12.01 06:33 wahlugi5 Vampire names

I’m lost for a name for a good evil vampire prince of darkness please just drop any and all down below very open to all thanks
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2021.12.01 06:33 pokethat Do any of your border collies go crazy in the car?

My one year old is having an issue with whining, sharp barks, and panting in the car. It's like he want to herd all the cars.
He's pretty great on walks, but I feel like lately he's been terrible in the car. I've tried doggy seatbelt and a dog carrier.
He still wants to go on car rides and jumps in sometimes even if he doesn't have permission yet, so I doubt it carsickness.
I've been trying to praise quiet behavior and recently pulled out the spray bottle (which seems to help)
Any ideas?
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2021.12.01 06:33 scythereaper313 i have an obsession with touka

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2021.12.01 06:33 LISETTE-ARTIST Digital Art.

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2021.12.01 06:33 Truth_Speaker_1 Anthony Huber Was a Hero: Victim of Kyle Rittenhouse Remembered for Trying to Save Lives At Protest

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2021.12.01 06:33 jobsinanywhere Ryan Kavanaugh trolled as Ethan Klein drama intensifies over 3rd lawsuit

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2021.12.01 06:33 JustSmall [FRESH] Chastity Belt - Fake

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2021.12.01 06:33 kls4791 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH | Under and Over It guitar cover tutorial (with ...

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2021.12.01 06:33 JimofMaine [A3][Recruiting][NA/EU]Volker's Vanguard-Casual Realism WH40k & Modern[Merge<]

Volker’s Vanguard is a Warhammer 40k Casual Milsim unit, that seeks to give our playerbase a fun yet realistic experience with the Warhammer 40k mod, and other modsets that we incorporate into our games. Although we incorporate Milsim elements into our main arma play, we are very relaxed outside of game. We never expect our players to salute or call a virtual rank “Sir,” instead we seek to ensure members are happy and enjoy their time with us, whether it’s in Arma or somewhere else. We also hold both events for NA based time-zones (usually on Fridays), as well as EU based time-zones on Saturdays.
What We Offer

Requirements to Join
If you wish to merge into our unit, please look further below for details
If you are interested in joining and wish to contact us, feel free to join the Discord for details regarding joining. If you have any questions, they can be answered there. Other questions can be answered by anybody in leadership, or those with Public Relations based tags. All members are always glad to help.
Vanguard Discord
Interested on merging with us?
If you are interested in having you and your group of friends / unit / etc. merge into the Vanguard, then we are happy to accommodate. We are welcoming towards merging groups, and are willing to answer any questions asked. If you are interested, please join the Discord, linked above.
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2021.12.01 06:33 ovw54 Just finished building a Skin On Frame rowing/sailing dinghy based on the lines of a Whitehall, I filmed a video of the process if you're interested.

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