rb6i7 24szn 6ntze fz9zi bae4d 8z7nt 55z2d si687 f5i4r r8any isyrh 3n7y4 rnyaa 2sktr f3fss z8rzk 986yn bh496 trfbr h48yh n59zi Does an app exist for managing contact histories the way I like? |

Does an app exist for managing contact histories the way I like?

2022.01.19 04:47 100WattWalrus Does an app exist for managing contact histories the way I like?

So here's the deal: I have dozens (hundreds?) of TextEdit documents on my Mac that I use to track all my contacts with utilities, clients, tenants, doctors, vendors, financial advisors, tech support desks, etc. Each one is titled (Subject Name CONTACT HISTORY & NOTES) — with the parentheses around the names so they appear at the tops of folders sorted alphabetically.
I ended up using TextEdit for this because...

HOWEVER, in TextEdit I can't...
I have tried literally dozens of note-taking apps, and literally none of them do all the things I want, as described above. For example, Bear has the best #tags#, but no rich text and no tabbed browsing. Craft is almost great, but clumsy with a steep learning curve, has no #tags# (I've fiddled with backlinks galore) and doesn't self-organize, and while the block-based composition would solve my search/filter problems, the blocks mean if you want 20 blocks in a row the same color text, it takes at least 2 clicks for each block to get them that way. Evernote doesn't have #inline tags# or tabbed browsing (and sucks in about 100 other ways). The rather new UpNote is coming along nicely (Evernote without the bloat) and does a lot of these things (although not tabs), but it has no collaboration ability and no #nested/tags#, so my sidebar would be a train wreck (I have hundreds of #tags#).
I also need something that is user-friendly with a shallow learning curve, as many of the contact histories I'm managing are on behalf of elderly or disabled family members, and I want them to be able to access all this data — so no Obsidian, no DEVONthink (neither of which meet some of my other criteria anyway).
Lately it's occurred to me that maybe I should be looking at CRMs instead of note-taking apps, but before don't even know where to start with that, and I doubt they'd provide me the flexibility and customization of TextEdit.
So I guess what I'm asking is this: Does anyone know of either an app that does all these things OR does anyone know an easy way to hotlink/backlink between TextEdit documents. (I know I can CMD+K then enter file:// and drag documents into the Link overlay to insert their path — but if a document moves, the link is broken).
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2022.01.19 04:47 helipad_writer One of our homeboy

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2022.01.19 04:47 AGOTFAN ‘Spider-Man’ Perches Atop U.K. Box Office, ‘Scream’ Scares Up Strong Debut

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2022.01.19 04:47 Vetenskapsteori Name for fallacies based on censorship through formalism & language rules?

I'm looking for names of fallacies based on censorship through formalism & language rules?
The argument is basicly: X is true about reality. X is not however not allowed to be said and spoken about in public forums because of formalism & language rules. X is removed from being treated as a hypothesis about reality. Therefor hypothesis X can't be true.
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2022.01.19 04:47 raaner12 OpenSea adquiere Dharma Labs y 2 nuevos directivos

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2022.01.19 04:47 dumpormovein Low-income, foreign gf (f28) of two years wants to move in with me (m34) and I am freaking out. I feel like my options are either dumping her or moving in together.

TL;DR - Worried about having my girlfriend move in with me because I freaked out when she asked to and have long-term reservations about our future. I feel like I have to either dump her or let her move in. We love each other and are both flawed individuals.
Me: 34m, high earning individual (hedge fund life) from a high earning family, fairly laid back, lazy, alcoholic asshole, chaotic neutral, messy, hoarder, hedonist, frugal. Never lived with a significant other. Been a decade since I had roommates.
Her: 28f who is basically a golden retriever. She is a kind, brilliant, gorgeous, genuinely good person, graduate Ph.D. student, from Venezuela, makes $18k a year, sends $6k a year home to family members (her parents, combined, make like $400 a month). Former Olympic athlete. Lawful good. Mildly physically abusive, mildly autistic. Easily overwhelmed. Any and every decision is painful for her to make and is painful to me for how long it takes her to make it. She needs to research everything exhaustively before she can make a decision or opinion on anything.
I love her, but I do not think that she would not make a good life partner. We have been dating for almost two years, and, during the first year, dating her was amazing. She was hands down the best thing to happen to me during the COVID lockdowns. I would have been miserable without her. We started out as casual, nonexclusive, fuckbuddies, and somehow have become monogamous/exclusive since neither of us is looking elsewhere. Neither of us was looking for a relationship, but here we are. This is my first monogamous relationship since high school.
She is my best friend, my favorite person, and I am happier around her. We almost only fight when I am an asshole and start a fight.
That said, over the last year, I started to realize how different we are. I am very extroverted and love to party while she is introverted, very socially anxious, and doesn't even eat processed sugars if she can avoid them. I am rational/realistic and she is idealistic/romantic. In any social situation, she refuses to interact with other people or leave my side. She has had dinner with my parents and siblings over fifty times, but still is terrified of them and will not speak unless directly asked a question. Then she gives the shortest answer she can. At parties or social interactions, her awkwardness embarrasses me and sometimes leads to me resenting her. I try not to be embarrassed by her or resent her, but I do.
I also have noticed that we mostly only ever do what she wants, how she wants, when she wants. 98% of the time this is not a big deal, but the 2% of the time I want to do something else (like not listen to the same song for the seventh time in a row), it is always a big deal. She doesn't fight, she just gets overwhelmed and cries, then I feel like an asshole. I go out of my way to do what she wants to avoid the waterworks. I have to stress, she is not doing it on purpose or trying to be manipulative, just when things are not the way they "should be" she starts crying.
Finally, we both want to have kids but she is not an affectionate person. Like she barely pets/interacts with animals or any baby we have come across. I would not want to bring children into the world with her as the mother as I am afraid her lack of affection would stunt our children. I am also afraid of the increased likelihood that our children would also have autism. Finally, both she and her folks have a lot of genetic health issues which are worrisome.
Starting in June, she started pressing me to move the relationship along. Over the past six months, she dropped the L bomb and started pressuring me to fly to Venezuela to meet her family, learn Spanish, and let her move in with me. She has made it clear that if we get married, her parents will move in with us and I will be expected to send money to her poverty-stricken relatives back home. Simultaneously, she has increased her dependency on me to do basic things for her.
Her lease is up at the end of March and I feel like I have to agree to let her move in with me or dump her. I do not want to do either. If I let her move in with me, there will be a crazy power imbalance over it being my house and the income differential. My life would revolve around her, and I fear that I will resent her for feeling like a burden. Long-term, I do not think she would ever be a life partner, rather more of a responsibility. I also have no desire to have her very catholic inlaws live with me, much less support them.
If I am not hell-yes about living with someone, should we not live together?
How can we avoid power imbalances when I make >10x her income and own my house (mortgage) while she owns almost no assets? (she uses my old phone/laptop)
How can we figure out how much rent she should pay, if any? (she cannot afford to pay half of the mortgage)
Do you have any suggestions for how best to deal with someone who gets overwhelmed and cries if you do not do what they want to do?
P.S. - Darling, if you see this, I love you!
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2022.01.19 04:47 Zacmovesalot Comfy boi

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2022.01.19 04:47 Khatamer DeGroote School of business

Honestly, how good is business in McMaster? Ive heard some McMaster courses are better than others.
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2022.01.19 04:47 bongdaso247 Top tiền vệ phòng ngự hay nhất thế giới hiện nay

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2022.01.19 04:47 VulvaVaVoom 4.71 - No Big Deal Just a 100 Foot Tall Demon Lord

"Welp, we went back in time to get the phylactery from the demon lord, and look at this fine mess we got ourselves into.
Anyone got a smoke?"
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2022.01.19 04:47 DisastrousMachine5 Man long ass day I was on 94 about to turn on Michigan and this played what y’all favorite songs from this era

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2022.01.19 04:47 ShimaBro "Yeah I told you! ... No I didn't." - Subquest

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2022.01.19 04:47 SuperMaanas Least aggressive Cardinals fans

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2022.01.19 04:47 zoiiy Cuspidata glow up

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2022.01.19 04:47 giftdraws Thank you dbzoom!!

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2022.01.19 04:47 sn0r EU Cohesion Policy: Commission launches €1 million call for projects for higher education institutions in journalism

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2022.01.19 04:47 kittymercadoo Advice for Dating a Persian Man from Tehran

I'm 22F from the USA and my partner is 25M from Tehran (only lived in western countries for about 3 years now), and we've been seeing each other for about 8 months.
For background information, we met in Italy, and he's going for PhD soon. In the past he was completing bachelor in Tehran where he was imprisoned and tortured for about two months for breaking religious rules at his university. I'll make this relevant a bit later in the post.
Things have been going relatively well, and the relationship got really intense really quickly. We told each other that we loved each other not very long into the relationship, but then he said that he doesn't want to say such things because we are both leaving the country to most likely live in different countries after the summer is over.
But then he still says things like 'jigar' and 'my love' to me. He introduces me to his close friends and family over facetime, and we're both ridiculously busy (we're both writing separate theses and working a lot) but we still make time for each other anyways. He's been incredibly sweet, affectionate, gentle, and caring with me, and when I really need something from him, he tries his best to provide. He came to spend Christmas with me, and that was really nice but right after he decided to remind me that we're parting ways soon and that I shouldn't get too attached!
So after some talking, he mentioned that being in a serious relationship, a probable long distance one at that, wouldn't work because of cultural differences and customs. E.g. he would expect me to meet his extended family fairly soon, and it would be a problem because I don't speak Farsi and because I'm American (and a fairly liberal one at that) that it would cause too much stress. He also said that because he's officially Muslim (he and his family aren't religious, it's something having to do with being Iranian that I haven't quite grasped) that we would run into a wall really soon because I'm not, and he expressed concerns that religious rules are too much of an obstacle because I'm not even Christian--I am Buddhist. To me, learning the language and customs is not a problem if that is the issue. However, I am having trouble grasping what is happening in the relationship sometimes.
Part of the problem is that my partner is extremely uncomfortable with talking about relationships and love. One moment he says that moving is not an issue because we will just visit each other, but then he is saying stuff like "when we part ways, I only want you to have good memories and to smile when you think of me" because he does not want to see where this goes. When I try to talk it out, he gets upset because I want to talk about the relationship instead of just letting things be as they are. He's opened up, little by little, and he expressed that he has quite a bit of trauma from being imprisoned and that I couldn't understand about him nor does he want me to.
When we first got together, it felt more evident because he was very guarded about how I touched him. Most forms of touch made him extremely uncomfortable or overwhelmed somehow, and over time it got better as he started trusting me more. Now we're very close, and I noticed that he generally does not feel comfortable with having a lot of people in his circle at all.
Basically, I love him very much. If certain changes need to be made on paper to pursue a relationship more freely, I will do it. If I need to learn the language in 6-12 months and get a private tutor, I will do it. If I need to be the one initiating visits at first to show him that I am serious, I am also willing to do that.
But I am also worried that I am wasting my time and embarrassing myself for a man who does not actually care about me. I don't know if I'm reading too deeply into things he does that I think are really nice (like making me a really good, elaborate stew at 2am) or if they're simply cultural ways of being polite. I am also, mainly, completely, 100% out of my depth regarding the religious, cultural and legal complications that he refers to sometimes, and I am so uneducated about how being imprisoned a couple of years ago would affect him today. I don't know if I'm being unsupportive, how to support him, or if I should listen when he's telling me that I should eventually walk away even though he doesn't really seem to mean it.
TL;DR: I'm confused about my relationship because his expectations seem to shift a LOT, and even when things are really good and he's leaning into the relationship, he tends to find a social, political, or cultural reason why it isn't going to work out in the end. But I'm also a pampered American and his experiences growing up in Iran are a little over my head.

Does anybody have any helpful advice that could guide me in a situation like this?
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2022.01.19 04:47 JoLePerz CDisplayEX 1.2.72

App Name: CDisplayEX Comic Reader
Description: A light, efficient CBR Reader. It is able to read all comic book formats (.cbr file, .cbz, .pdf, etc..)
Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.progdigy.cdisplay&hl=en&gl=US
Mod Features: Paid
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2022.01.19 04:47 42majestik Crypto Tycoon - an nft property social boardgame live on the blockchain featuring a player-owned treasury and online community traderooms! (WL in the Discord for a NFT passport membership in comments)

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2022.01.19 04:47 lynxerious this particular test crashes my website? how?

The slug string was generated from a title, this is a slug validation regex. It will freeze any website that runs it in the console panel. If I remove some word or the parentheses part, it will run fine. This blows my mind because I thought regex can't crash your code.
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2022.01.19 04:47 _FellFallow_ Frost Ruler [ Fellfallow ]

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2022.01.19 04:47 Upstairs-Shopping704 Looking for reserve keeper uniform for Earth Eleven

I'm looking for texture with Shinsuke's keeper uniform for Earth Eleven on Inazuma Eleven Go Strikers. If anyone has it, can send me the download link please? Would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.19 04:47 Agima [100% OFF] AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Practice Exams (4 days or 632 registrations left)

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2022.01.19 04:47 GabrielB04 Leyton

Started rewatching the show again after a few long months since I finished it in June. I can say one thing, my feelings about this ship have not changed AT ALL. I can actually say that I love them a lot more. Their kiss in the motel (s1e12) gave me the same emotions as it did the first time I watched it. I had a smile on my face the entire time. The way they were looking at each other, eating each other alive with the looks, smiling between the kisses... just wow. True iconic cinematic moment.
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2022.01.19 04:47 Usual-Conversation17 Im so mad today AAAAAAAAAAAA

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