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Gas optimisation for passing array of addresses

The address of the array (i.e., a pointer to it) is not stored anywhere; the compiler figures it out while it is compiling your program, so when you use the array name as a pointer, you are essentially using a constant number as an address. As a side note, if anyone wants to pass an associative array (named keys) instead, then use an object. Coming from PHP (and always led to this thread by google) this took me a while to figure out. You can pass the whole object as a parameter then. But if you are passing something in that uses a lot of memory, i.e., passing an object or passing an array, even if you aren't changing it, you use what I like to call fake pass by value. For efficiency, you pass by reference so only the address is passed, but you put a const in front of it. The name of an array variable, is a valid expression whose value is a pointer the the first member of the array. If you have some function foo(T* t), and you have an array T a[N]; then when you write foo(a); I think it would be more correct to say that you are passing a pointer, not passing an array, and you are passing the pointer by value.

2022.01.19 03:50 RadfordNunn Gas optimisation for passing array of addresses

Hi! I am current creating a smart contract where i can upload a list of addresses that is only allowed to interact with the contract. When i tried to pass up to 600 addresses, the gas fee is whopping $8k in Ethereum Mainnet.
function setAddresses(address[] memory xAirdropAddresses) public onlyOwner{ list_airdropMintingAddresses = xAirdropAddresses; }
Is there a better way to optimise this further?
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2022.01.19 03:50 ShawnFZR You Can Damage Them!! • Maybe Not Unrealized! | TheSmoaks Vlog_2255

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2022.01.19 03:50 STR1CHN1NE To anyone who has played Pokemon Insurgence on Android through joiplay, how did you deal with the black tiles and tile that didn't load??

Just wondering, iv been trying different things. I have the most current Patreon version of joiplay and it's plugins as well as the RTP. I don't have the crosswalk plugin though and cannot find it.
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2022.01.19 03:50 mucholucho22 Looking for Washington State teachers!

I am a former teacher conducting a survey about teachers' job satisfaction and support in their workplace as part of my Master in Public Administration program here in Washington, and I am looking for respondents! Any public K-12 teacher from Washington state is encouraged to participate. The research is part of an effort to find the missed opportunities for change in the Washington education system. All answers are confidential, and filling out the survey should take 5 minutes max.
Link to survey here: https://evergreen.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4SoTF6j7Je5oRMi
Thank you for your help!
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2022.01.19 03:50 azoooz2012 After Hours (Short Film) 4K Version

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2022.01.19 03:50 bonderav Ingen fartmåling: Beslaglægger Tesla alligevel

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2022.01.19 03:50 thedegenerategamer Finland isn't real

Finland isn't real
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2022.01.19 03:50 crytoloover Doge Gold là gì? Chi tiết về đồng meme Coin Doge Gold và thông tin DOGEG Token

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2022.01.19 03:50 SpiritualGhostC2C Looking to learn how to surf in Costa Rica, which beach do you think I should go to?

I'm heading to Costa Rica this friday, with little to no plan lol. I want to learn how to surf but after a few days of research there are still literally too many options to choose from so I wanted to hear some stories and personal feedback about where I should go. I sorta ruled out the Caribbean side cause it's raining for... the rest of the month. Which is a shame since I really wanted to go but there is always next time! So far I think I've narrowed my places down to Samara and Santa Teresa/Montezuma. Samara to learn how to surf and then Santa Teresa area to chill, continue surfing, and paddleboard.
Am I making the right call? Is there somewhere else I should go? My original idea was Jaco but after some research on reddit (thank god) I was talked out of it. Tamarindo I'm conflicted with.. don't really want a Cancun experience. Nosara I'm just confused. Manuel Antonio idk.
Also if you have any tips for Costa Rica in general feel free to PM me. I would love any help. I'm kinda winging this as I go but i guess that's the fun in it. A little about me, I'm solo F(30) and I'm fairly active. I pole dance, grew up competitively swimming, and enjoy paddleboarding. So while these will be my first moments learning how to surf, I feel like I'll be ok? Haha.
Sorry this isn't typed very well, but a few days of straight research for CR of all places has left my head scrambled.
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2022.01.19 03:50 crytoloover Market Ledger $ml Chart, Price and Contract

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2022.01.19 03:50 javawong Why workday, WHY????

Why do I have to create an account through an orgs workday just to apply? It’s annoying to have to create yet another account to apply to a job.
This is more of a rant :/
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2022.01.19 03:50 Silent_Prune_9882 Outfit suggestions! *details in comment section *

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2022.01.19 03:50 DrinkingAtQuarks 1990s - sidescroller - recover nukes with a triangular ship from underground bases/mazes

Trying to ID a sidescrolling game from the 90s.
You pilot a ship (maybe triangular in shape) into underground structures/mazes and have to recover an object with a radioactive symbol on it. The nuke/ball is connected to the ship by a cable and swings around - making navigation tricky.
Have been trying to find this game for years. Any leads appreciated! Thanks reddit, you are my only hope.
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2022.01.19 03:50 shakhakal Need extra motivation

recently i’ve been looking at some of the most deprived stuff and i want to stop. i’ve seemed to spiral out of control, i want to quit but i just can’t bring my self to do so. I just need some extra motivation to push me to stop.
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2022.01.19 03:50 Shawn2rc It’s been a minute since my last post, and I was really feelin my fit at Getty Center. I’d love some feedback if anyone else likes it.

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2022.01.19 03:50 obsessed_with_gossip Srk is finally back on Social media after the Aryan case

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2022.01.19 03:50 Poot_Hooter (HELP)(DS3)(PS5) DRAGONSLAYER ARMOUR PW: dongle

I'm in front of the fog.
SL 85
Thank in advance
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2022.01.19 03:50 chubberito Soused Herring in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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2022.01.19 03:50 thinkB4WeSpeak Myanmar Resistance Forces China-Backed Nickel Plant Shut Down

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2022.01.19 03:50 mamastacyca Do you believe everyone cheats at some point and some are just good at lying?

View Poll
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2022.01.19 03:50 KaylaYanHoe Lost 32 pounds and am feeling pretty for the first time in a few years so I finally decided to make my first post here 🖤

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2022.01.19 03:50 PineappleExpress714 [H] 75$ Zumiez gift card [W] PayPal 92%

Willing to go first to higher reps
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2022.01.19 03:50 Askmeaboutmy_Beergut Restart your device for C band.

I'm in Dallas on a Moto edge 2021 5g uw and was waiting forever for my phone to switch from 4g lte to 5g. On a hunch I restarted and BAM full bars of 5g and it hasn't switched over to 4g at all.
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2022.01.19 03:50 cdeeg1998 Had a breakup and having a hard time coping

Hello. I am new here and am seeking advice in a recent situation. I started talking to this girl in late October. I had known her years ago at my old school. I told her she was cute and proposed we talk and see if we would be compatible. Flash forward to Christmas, we are an official couple.
The entire time, I was aware of a guy she was still in love with named Chris. He had moved out west years ago and came back when my GF went to get him recently, which I wasn’t opposed to because this is before I knew they had mutual feelings for each other. I was always very insistent with her that she could go with the other guy if she would be more happy.
He tried kissing her on new years and she rejected him, or so I am told. We recently went to a Recreation Center with bowling and roller skating. I was wanting to roller skate with my GF, but she spent the entire time skating with the Chris guy she still has feelings for.
Every time she talked about him, she smiled this certain way at the mention of his name. She broke up with me last night after I brought up my feelings on it again. And I recently found out she has agreed to go on a date with a 35 year old guy who is completely unrelated to the one she still loves. My question is basically, am I ridiculous for feeling jealous at the situation? Feeling like she would rather be with someone else and feeling left out?
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2022.01.19 03:50 wot_im_mad Non-SAM aromantic people, if you HAD to classify your sexual orientation, what would it most align with?

I just wanna see if there is a trend amongst non-SAM aromantics.
Also considering how I feel about using it to describe myself because I’m so all over the place when it comes to sexual attraction 🤔
View Poll
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