Dear Reddit, how does one tell their weird guy friend to stop sexting and asking to video chat?

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2022.01.19 03:56 Itadori_vs_kirito Dear Reddit, how does one tell their weird guy friend to stop sexting and asking to video chat?

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2022.01.19 03:56 Reaper_Houstan In Eternals[2021] the Celestial Tiamut was first teased in a TV Show, Malcolm In The Middle[S07E01](2005) proving that the show belongs to MCU. But due to low budget it didn't look as good.

In Eternals[2021] the Celestial Tiamut was first teased in a TV Show, Malcolm In The Middle[S07E01](2005) proving that the show belongs to MCU. But due to low budget it didn't look as good. submitted by Reaper_Houstan to shittymoviedetails [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 03:56 FulkoTjerks TRADAO public Offering Announcement

🏹We are pleased to announce that PUBLIC OFFERING for $TOD tokens will be open in the beginning of Feb 2022.
⚔️We're opening two public offering rounds to give our loyal users as well as our new investors more opportunities to take part in the TraDAO Protocol at the very first stage. In both rounds, participants will buy $TOD tokens in $BUSD.
🛡Public Offering Round 1:
🔹Time: Feb 4th
🔹Offering price: $4 per $TOD
🔹$TOD offered: 30,000 $TOD
🛡Public Offering Round 2:
🔹Time: Feb 9th
🔹Offering price: $5 per $TOD
🔹$TOD offered: 35,000 $TOD
⚔️The LP will open on PCS at the starting price of $TOD is $12 after Public Offering
🔥We will also open 02 Rounds of Whitelist, which will then be merged to one Final Whitelist at the end:
🔹Whitelist Round 1 (Jan 21st)
🔹Whitelist Round 2 (Jan 28th)
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2022.01.19 03:56 Environmental-Item1 [F21] - You deserve happiness and I hope I could help you start or end your day in a good note :)

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2022.01.19 03:56 RainStorm420 This just in! Took the aspie test and got 177 out of 200. Not sure what to do with myself. Advice would be appreciated.

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2022.01.19 03:56 kalashnikovkitty9420 MP7 at home

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2022.01.19 03:56 DatJuicyPickle W: glass H: caps

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2022.01.19 03:56 shnooqichoons WHEB Sustainability fund- any thoughts?

I quite like the ethos of WHEB and wondered whether anyone here was investing with them and had any pointers?
I'm fairly new to investing but as far as I understand it I can either invest with them directly (limiting the funds available) or via a platform which would incur a higher fee.
As it's an actively managed fund the fees are already pretty high.
I'm open to alternative suggestions for other funds as well.
My goal would be to invest around 10k and forget about it for 10 years or so.
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2022.01.19 03:56 ArcadianPunk Kraken X 7.1 wont even show up

I got the Kraken X not USB type, when I install the 7.1 and click get started and I log in, the 7.1 screen does not show up, when I go to sounds I can select the 7.1 but no sound comes out of my headset
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2022.01.19 03:56 RivalCZ Tilted bez sněhu a se sněhem 😁

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2022.01.19 03:56 Nayalaven Sweet home Alabama

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2022.01.19 03:56 kaparegime_90 30 [M4R] - online/anywhere - Im russian, if it needed. Looking best friends, maybe long term

Hello world!!!! hello my new friend! Doesnt matter where u from and your age, just plese be older then 18 =) so, about me, idk that to say, I love learning new. Spend lot of time on youtube. Love engineering, working as design engineer, learning microelectronics for myself. Learning programming, python, c++. Also got 4000 place in titanic Kaggel. Love cars, bikes, tv shows, hiking, traveling, ships. Love to make something by my hands. Maybe u will know more about me if we will be friends. and sorry in advance for my bad english, its not my main language. see u! 😘😘😘
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2022.01.19 03:56 Temporary-Paramedic7 2022 Cla 45 worth it?

I’m considering ordering a 2022 Cla 45. Once I spec it out with options(including amg dynamic plus) it easily reaches 70k. That is borderline M3 and c63 territory. Is it worth it to purchase a heavily fitted cla 45 for 70k or is that too much for a cla.
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2022.01.19 03:56 Sea_Marionberry1034 [20/F] Have a pet? Hit me up

I recently quit my abusive job. The boss mentally and verbally was horrible. But enough on that. I have enough money to take some time off work and I want to spend that time doing something I love. Stuff to do with pets! I was thinking about it for a while and I think I want to start a blog (probably on instagram) where I interview people about their pets and post about it! Crazy idea? Probably but I'm bored and gotta keep busy lol. What this would include is a text interview where we go over things like your pets name, age, breed etc, how you got your pet, where your pet cane from, your pets personality and any fun information!
Again this may be a stupid idea but its 1 am and I'm bored and need to keep myself entertained for the next month. If you're interested hit me up :))))
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2022.01.19 03:56 Jolteh My Geo bois is now complete <3

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2022.01.19 03:56 dudethereyouare When are we just going to admit it. Its over.

We're seeing TIME dip below 1k. Thats a 90% drop from ATH. Its inflationary by design so it makes it nearly impossible to ever go up anywhere near ATH. Most of us are down 60-70%. I myself have lost thousands.
We'll see $500 by next week. The only hope was that the crazy APY was gonna keep us floating. Not even close.
Detach your emotions from investments. Its not too late to save a few bucks and put it in something worth while. We all knew, deep down, this was a hyped ponzi scheme but just hoped we were in early enough to make a few bucks. Not the case, sorry boys. The rich get richer and the rest of us pay for it.
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2022.01.19 03:56 Bangston32 Type O Negative

Has anyone found a band with the same sound as Type O? I’ve been looking for a group and no one comes close so far.
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2022.01.19 03:56 AlignedLiving Making peace with manifesting

Reflection on the Neville Goddard teaching: “Nothing comes from without; all things come from within - from the subconscious,” Neville Goddard, and the #LawofAssumption.
The Universe is created by the subconscious - what does it mean?
Neville Goddard’s Law of assumption (LoAs) has helped me recover and reclaim my path to love - myself - from the fear induced micromanaging that came as a result of my journey with the law of attraction.
We do not seek what is perfect, we seek that which is true, which is why we always receive our gifts when we are truthful and being authentically ourselves.
I remember when the #LawofAttraction (LoAt) kept me trapped within a very harmful mindset for 13 years. Yes, even then I was loved, beautiful, abundant, healthy, happy. And, while my life circumstances always worked out in my favour, I felt that the only way to maintain the miracles in my life was to micromanage my vibration by practicing hours upon hours of gratitude rituals every single day. I would feel anxious if I diverged from my rituals. I would worry if I felt, or expressed negative thoughts, or emotions because through the lens of the Law of Attraction I didn’t really understand that all emotions were equally worthy and beautiful, even though prior to my introduction to the LoAt, I had loved unconditionally and feared nothing. Not even a drop in ’vibration’.
I remember my childhood as a star child, chin up, eyes locked on the glittering stars of our Milky Way. Heart overflowing, yielding and forgiving. Unconditional Love was my only purpose and direction. I surrendered my heart to love and became overly diplomatic, loving those who had hurt me and hiding away the great hurt that they had caused me. The LoAt, amplified the suppression of the darker emotions within me.
Then, out of deep suffering came Neville, and his teachings reawakened my senses to the truth that all is unconditional love, and that my worthiness was dependent on nothing else than my being present here as a human being. I understood that my assumptions are what create my life. That is, what I deeply hold to be true is what I experience because my life is a reflection of who I am. I swim in an ocean whose waters warm, or cool according to my expectations. It is not the temperature that fluctuates, but my experience of swimming in the water that changes and I choose my experience.
“Nothing comes from without; all things come from within - from the subconscious,”
The subconscious is the ocean of the soul within you. I say within, but it is also without. Your soul and spirit is everything. Just as love, god, and pure energy is everything. It is all one, but we perceive things to be different and separate from our human vantage point. And that’s okay. Truly, it’s one of the reasons we souls decided to become human anyway. And even though we are human we never stopped being souls. We never stopped being who we truly are, which is essentially vibrant, beautiful love - an ocean of living, breathing endless light and goodness.
Our subconscious is connected to this essence of who we are at all times and strives to guide the human aspect of ourselves into conscious alignment with our true nature: Love. Light. Free.
And so, from the subconscious (our deep, essential selves) arises the command that orders our physical reality into various shapes, sizes and life experiences. The response that the subconscious is seeking from our limited selves is love. And what is love? Well, it is yielding, but assertive. It is fully present within itself and its power. It is the I that I AM.
The mind cannot always keep up with presence. In fact, the mind often falls silent wheb presence and soul rises. It is as if the mind cannot exist in the same space as light. Perhaps because it is light, and when light fills the mind it finally relaxes and releases the struggle it has been experiencing to get back home.
So we humans flow in and out of presence, in and out of mind and love. Yet, we always are love, no matter where our attention goes.
Yet, our subconscious always has one mission: to bring us back to ourselves. Home. Love. And the subconscious will create a life for us with this mission in mind. The subconscious, or soul, wishes us to recognise who we truly are while also in our human form and sometimes it might be unpleasant because our human selves/mind/ego resists the experiences that the soul has created. We resist because of fear and because we have forgotten who we truly are, and the hidden nature of reality.
“Nothing comes from without; all things come from within - from the subconscious,”
From a state of forgetfulness (or partial awakedness as in the LoAt) we attempt to forcefully mold reality into a more pleasing shape. We supress, control, struggle, obsess, worry, forcefully perform spells, magic and rituals .. all our efforts come from without. And, pay close attebtion because this is important: our subconcious sets up roadblocks to our desired manifestations because we have steered deeper into the domain of mind, and further seperated ourselves from the open, faith and softness of love - our true selves.
To get what we want when we are operating from mind is to remain enslaved to mind. The sole task of the voice of your subconcious , soul, is to remind you of who you are, awaken your godself embodied as human, and bring you back home. So, it keeps the manifestation away - not because you are unworthy or have a wobbly vibration - but, because what you truly want is to come back home and consciously return to your true self - divine embodied love as human.
When I decided to return home to the warmth of love that has always been within me, and that has always shaped my reality, everything changed. My manifestations and dreams came true. My suffering ended, though I sometimes still feel pain because I am human just like you.
I decided that nothing (no circumstance) matters enough to hold me mentally and emotionally hostage, anymore. Not even in the name of best practice manifesting.
I realised that if something truly matters to me then it’s more important for my emotional wellbeing that I choose to love it as much as possible, as it is right now… just in case things don't go as I would prefer… just incase there are no magic wands, pills or solutions. I went back straight home to my heart- to love, peace. I choose to love as much as possible because the act of choosing love is the act of doing my best- of being my best - of being me.
And miracles — true miracles happened. Like physical heart’s healing themselves, health restoring, addictions vanishing, love reappearing, money appearing, death leaving… so so so much more.
When I returned home to love — soul — the subconcious, the need for life circumstances to give me rude awakenings disappeared. And, manifestations (life experiences) were the happy kind and still are. In fact, it’s getting better everyday.
So when Neville says: “Nothing comes from without; all things come from within - from the subconscious,”
Neville is trying to make us understand that everything ever created was created by our souls to help us find our ways back home to love in our human bodies.
It is all love. It always was. And so it wil always be.
I share much more on my realityalignment blog, insta and reddit community
I love you💖
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2022.01.19 03:56 stormy001 Hemp Research Group Welcomes Move To Legalise Medical Cannabis - The Malaysian Hemp Industry Research Association hopes that the cannabis bill will be a step forward in building a progressive nation.

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2022.01.19 03:56 Trick_Possibility_93 Fenris, Devourer of Souls and the Son of Loki

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2022.01.19 03:56 Tinfoil_Haberdashery Thinking about eco-fascism in the context of other "fascisms"

So I've been reading a lot of discussion about eco-fascism. Essentially, as I understand it, one group says that certain things to which most people aspire or even feel entitled are too environmentally costly; that bringing, say, 10 billion people up to the quality of life enjoyed by people in first world countries is not feasible and that we must address this either with widespread austerity or a reduction in the total number of people. The other side says that these limitations are institutional and illusory, not physical, and that this mindset is "eco-fascism"; that with, e.g., the abolition of capitalism, population is not (and maybe will never be) a problem, and average quality of life can equal or surpass modern first-world standards for everyone, though the super-rich will cease to exist.
This is appealing and I feel like I could very easily be convinced either way--however, I've grown less convinced by denigration of eco-fascism in the wake of the pandemic after seeing such a clear-cut example of what some people consider fascism and what too little of that can result in.
I have a few acquaintances who are dead-certain that being asked to wear a mask, exist in an effective state of house-arrest, or be compelled to submit to vaccination in order to limit the spread of a deadly disease is fascism. And like...I can't really say they're wrong?
Locking people down or demanding they take a certain drug, absent a plague, would undeniably be a pretty fascist thing to do. But with the current situation, it's insanely obvious that governments should've done more, not less, to stop COVID. So, so many people are dead or bereaved because of anti-lockdown, anti-mask, anti-vax sentiment. Sentiment that, again, absent this specific crisis, could be kind of reasonable.
So what I guess I'm trying to figure out is, is the revulsion at eco-fascism closer to anti-maskers' revulsion to the recent necessary and frankly insufficient "public-health-fascism", i.e., placing their "anti-fascist" principles above the pragmatism of the situation, or are eco-fascist ideas actually fascist and worth resisting even in the face of a climate crisis?
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2022.01.19 03:56 florlunayamor Child abuse or nothing to worry about?

In a hypothetical situation, an abdomen x-ray is ordered on a 10 year old female patient with abdominal pain. The tech does the x-ray. The image includes the diaphragm and part of the girl’s chest. In the chest, there are 2 small metal rings- one in each nipple.
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2022.01.19 03:56 jbledsmusic High Flying Hip Hop / Lofi Playlist / Nearly 100 Followers / The finest beats and dopest hip hop / No trash just good deep dusty sounds
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2022.01.19 03:56 wosos 933

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2022.01.19 03:56 PolyShaun NXT recap & reactions: WALTER enters the chat

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