Anyone else have this in the tunnel near San Sebastian??

2022.01.19 04:02 Tom420360 Anyone else have this in the tunnel near San Sebastian??

Anyone else have this in the tunnel near San Sebastian??
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2022.01.19 04:02 Purple-Degree115 me_irl

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2022.01.19 04:02 TheHitBoxer New to the Game. Need Armor Advice.

Just pulled this list from fed76. What do you all think? Good to go off of? 
What Armor to look for.
1 Star Slot (XXX/ap/sent)
  1. Over 58 000
  2. Uny 33 000
  3. Assn 29 000 (PvP)
  4. Ari 26 000
  5. Bolst 19 000
  6. Vang 12 000
  7. Cham 10 000
2 Star Slot (uny/XXX/sent)
  1. Ap Refresh 33 000 (only need 3 pieces before diminishing returns)
  2. Explosive 33 000
  3. Cryo 33 000
  4. Fire 25 000
  5. Poison 25 000 (consensus is two pieces)
  6. Rad 20 000
  7. Glut 20 000
  8. Str 18 000
3 Star Slot (uny/ap/XXX)
  1. Sentinel 33 000
  2. Cav 24 000
  3. Sneak 18 000 (one piece seems sufficient)
  4. Junk 15 000
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2022.01.19 04:02 Waffletrigger Rate my new Gwent lock screen.

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2022.01.19 04:02 AdityaSagarShukla Bowler in parallel universe

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2022.01.19 04:02 Squee07 I’m just over an hour into Eternals, and I’m still waiting for something good to happen.

There is absolutely no reason for this trash to clock in at 2:35:4
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2022.01.19 04:02 nightheron420 Fern Canyon

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2022.01.19 04:02 PlayaSlayaX [SNIPPET] Story Begins (Big Brother OG)

Snippet: aHR0cHM6Ly9vbmx5ZmlsZXMuaW8vZi9jN2RiYWYwMGFiNDc0MmM0ODgzMzc1NmQ0YmIwNDA1MQ==
Era: Graduation (2006-2007)
Info: This is the original version of Big Brother, a track from Graduation. This version is different from the released version in that its instrumental utilizes the Prince sample that was originally on the track.
(The link is encoded in Base64 format. To get the link, go onto a site to decode it.)
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2022.01.19 04:02 Pogi1306 [POSITIVE] for /u/flyguyDJI [BUYER]

Fast communication and overall very easy to make a deal with!
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2022.01.19 04:02 Lumbagoman69 I’m selling all my 130s

Hi I’m selling my 130s I’m not sure how much I’ll get but I have a lot of them ik this sounds sketchy but yeah if your interested in buying a single gun Ill make a deal I’m just hoping to get something out of this DM me for anything
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2022.01.19 04:02 NachoMan1105 LOW GRAVITY IS BACK!

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2022.01.19 04:02 Cookie--Monster_ Wtt these two ACC 1 has shenhe just got her bis

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2022.01.19 04:02 beautiful_salad101 Ego single handedly destroys most relationships. If only most people kept their ego aside, pick up the phone to call, or give them a 2nd chance to deserving ones, we would witness much more successful relationships

What if we made that call, or text without regret and gave people a second chance? What if people never end up with their true partners only because of ego?
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2022.01.19 04:02 YT_Juwi What is that!?! // Minecraft Build Battle [#1]

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2022.01.19 04:02 autotldr Oil Jumps To Highest Level Since 2014 On UAE Drone Attack |

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 24%. (I'm a bot)

Oil jumped to a seven-year high early on Tuesday, the day after Iran-aligned Houthis attacked targets in the United Arab Emirates with drones, adding to the continued tightness in the oil market to lift prices.
Apart from the numerous signs of tightness in the physical crude market, oil futures reflected on Tuesday the growing risk premium after the attack on the UAE in the most important oil-producing and exporting region in the world.
An attack with drones on Monday, for which the Houthi rebels aligned with Iran later claimed responsibility, killed several people, and blew up fuel tanker trucks near storage facilities owned by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.
The United States strongly condemns the attack, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said, adding that "Our commitment to the security of the UAE is unwavering and we stand beside our Emirati partners against all threats to their territory."
Attacks from the Houthis, which have frequently launched drones and missiles from Yemen into Saudi Arabia, are raising the geopolitical premium in oil at a time when the market fundamentals are also bullish.
"This growing geopolitical risk comes at a time when there is already plenty of concern in the market over the potential impact of an escalation in tensions between Russia and Ukraine. These growing risks, combined with worries over OPEC spare capacity, have meant that sentiment in the oil market has remained bullish," ING strategists Warren Patterson and Wenyu Yao said on Tuesday.
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Post found in /worldnews and /Worldnews_Headline.
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2022.01.19 04:02 PomegranateShoddy642 Looking for game

Hello,i have a covid and i m looking for a games to play during it.My laptop is hp 250 G4 so it’s pretty old but i have 60 fps at cs go and 70 fps at valorant.I would prefer not online game because my internet is bad.I have Xbox game pass.I like playing shooters.I was thinking about some lego game,like Harry Potter,where i could find it cheapiest?
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2022.01.19 04:02 alle15minuten Gerade ist es January 19, 2022 at 08:02AM

Gerade ist es January 19, 2022 at 08:02AM
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2022.01.19 04:02 Henry_Cooper_DaPilot Mission Impossible successfully completed

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2022.01.19 04:02 RareandSacred The first time I revealed the truth of my CSA

I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else
I held in my on going secret for eight years, ages 6-13. It was around the time my period began (13) that I started grappling with feelings and reality about my stepfather molesting me.
I decided to FINALLY tell one of my very best friends one day after school. I really don’t remember the moments before, but I do remember when I was trying to say it out loud…I completely lost my voice. My voice just completely stopped working. I remember feeling like all of the air was being sucked out of my lungs and it felt like my throat closed up. I had never felt like that before, or since. I can only chalk it up to what they mean by burying a deep, dark secret. No one was meant to ever know and my body and soul had decided to really lock it away. After completely failing to get any words out, I had to actually write it on a piece of paper for her to read.
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2022.01.19 04:02 harri1erpoorly Sierra Lisabeth She Nude Tease Huge Boobs Very Sexy

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2022.01.19 04:02 Weebis_96 Make an assumption about me based on my playlist
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2022.01.19 04:02 Beesaresacret PLZ help if u can what happen in the description

Hi so my dumb friend did one of those infinite money things were you go into your save and change the amount of money you had but when he did that he whent back in and it says no save files is there a way he could get his save back? btw this is the video he followed
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2022.01.19 04:02 DarkMatterDimensions Gabe... Seriously...

I don't care about spoilers, but for the love of god, Gabe is the biggest loser of all time... Please tell me Dodge takes over again... I can't handle this character, he's the worst...
Dodge was the best character ever, and even though I wasn't wild on Scot, I would have accepted him a thousand times being with Kinsey over Gabe... Ugh, he is an absolute bell end
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2022.01.19 04:02 Kavi001 Sisters overjoyed to see baby brother's first steps

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2022.01.19 04:02 wewechoo New Skin: Mr Nothing

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